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Standard curves are tempered over tempered and are supplied with the same glass type as the front except when Low E bronze glass is specified for the front, bronze curves are supplied. Special laminated glass curves and solar cool tempered curves are available at additional cost.


Clear Glass - Tempered over tempered 1� insulated dual sealed glass with bronze spacers is standard.

Bronze Tinted Glass - A bronze tint impregnated in the glass to enhance the color of indoor and outdoor objects while reducing glare.

 Low Emissivity Glass - A �state of the art� high performance glass that can add year round comfort and energy savings. The glass contains a transparent coating on the inner light of glass that acts like a mirror. In the winter it bounces heat back into the room that might readily escape but in the summer it provides cooler indoor temperatures by preventing outdoor heat from entering the room. Available with bronze tinted glass to reduce glare. Low E glass is a highly recommended option. 

Eclipse Bronze Reflective Glass - An outside coating of a transparent oxide with a permanent light and heat reflective surface that will provide cooler indoor temperatures and also reduce glare. This is highly recommended in warmer climates where cooler indoor temperatures and excessive glare from the sun is a primary concern. Available only with 1/4� tempered over 1/4� laminated safety glass.

 Tempered Glass - Standard with all sunrooms. It is 5 times stronger than annealed glass. Unlike annealed glass, tempered glass will break into tiny fragments. It can not be cut after tempering.

 Laminated Glass - Composed of two lights of glass with a .030 vinyl sheet bonded between them. If a roof panel should break the laminated light will prevent the glass from falling out of the opening. Sunbilt offers an added cost option of tempered over laminated glass on all roof glass. Consult your local building code for roof glass requirements.

 Insulated Panels - 1� insulated aluminum stucco panels are available in lieu of glass at an additional cost. Available with white or bronze paint finish.

Performance Values

  "U" Value "R" Value Shading % Light
% Light Reflectance Relative
Description Winter Summer Winter Summer Coefficient Visible Solar Visible Solar Heat
Clear 1/8" Over Clear 1/8" 0.50 0.54 2.0 1.85 0.91 82 74 15 14 190
Bronze  1/8" Over Clear 1/8" 0.50 0.55 2.0 1.82 0.76 62 59 11 11 160
Bronze  1/8" Over Low E 1/8"  0.33 0.36 3.03 2.78 0.66 57 45 12 12 137
Clear 1/8" over
Clear 1/4" Laminated
0.50 0.57 2.0 1.75 0.86 77 67 18 16 180
Bronze 1/8" over
Clear 1/4" Laminated
0.50 0.58 2.0 1.72 0.72 59 53 13 12 152
Bronze 1/8" over
Low E 1/4" Laminated
0.33 0.39 3.03 2.56 0.62 54 39 14 13 130
Eclipse Bronze1/4"  over
Clear 1/4" Laminated
0.48 0.55 2.08 1.82 0.37 23 25 45 37 81

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J. Sussman Inc. Company Profile Sunroom Models Sunbilt Features
Accessories Glass Options Quote/Order Form Contact Us

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